Praying for your children {part one}

May 31, 2013


I know most of us have probably logged a lot of hours praying for our children when they have been sick or needed surgery or have been hurting.  In those times, it seems so natural to turn to God.   I wonder though how many of us turn to Him in prayer when our children are doing well?

I have always been a prayer.  Since I became a Mom (sixteen years ago), The Power of a Praying Parent book has been on my bedside table.  However, some weeks, months and years I have been very consistent about praying for my children and some weeks, months and years I have not. As with most things I know I "should " do (exercise, eating healthy, reading the Bible) I simply fall out of the habit sometimes.  I get lazy.

Recently, I have seen firsthand the amazing power of prayer.  A few months ago, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer.  I wanted to help her but did not know what to do. I immediately got together a group of friends and we started saying a healing rosary every Monday for our friend.

Our group grew a little and lots of prayer requests came our way.  And we have seen absolute miracles.  One member of our group was waiting for a heart transplant.  She had been waiting years and suddenly a heart was found! She had her surgery and is recovering beautifully.  In fact, next week will be her last week coming to our rosary because she is ready to go back to her her home state of Louisiana.  It has been truly miraculous. And this is just one story. I could share many.

This has been a challenging year in our family. We have had a few tough transitions and I have been turning to God in prayer for my children daily.  And guess what...I see His work in our lives.  Dramatically.  The Bible tells us You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.  Matthew 21:22.

I want to encourage you all to take a little bit of time each day to pray for your children.  I know we are all running around in 100 different directions but I think as parents this is one of the most important things we can do for our children.  I have learned  (the hard way) that God does not answer each prayer exactly how we want it answered exactly when we want it answered.  We have been praying that healing rosary every week for my son's migraines and they are not gone yet.  That doesn't mean God isn't hearing my prayer.  It just means His plan is different from mine right now. And that is okay.  I have faith. I am not giving up.  I know our prayers will be answered.

I am not an expert in prayer.  I am just a faithful Mom trying to put my trust in God and raise good kids. I was raised Catholic and we've got the rote prayer covered but I was not really adept at just spilling my heart to God. I was not really confident praying off the cuff. So, the following tools have helped me immensely in my prayer journey.  I highly recommend them.

1. The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  This book is amazing.  She has a chapter on every situation you could possibly want to pray about from friends to school to talents to freedom from fear and finding the perfect mate. Within each chapter is a prayer that you can say (which makes us Catholics so much more comfortable;) and scripture verses to pray on specific issues as well.  So, I can flip to the chapter on fear and pray that for one child.  Then I can turn to the chapter on Godly friends and pray that chapter for another child.  Then, I might read the chapter on avoiding alcohol or drugs and pray that one for yet another child.  I cannot even overstate how this book has been the best investment I have ever made as a parent.  There are things in there I had never even thought to pray about for my children but I am so glad I do now.

2.  Praying Circles around your Children by Mark Batterson.  This book is very short and quick but it really explains the importance of prayer and how to pray for your children as well.  It helped me pray much more effectively for my children.

3. Revive our Hearts 31 Biblical Virtues to pray for your children.  This is a list of 31 short prayers that are biblical virtues we desire for our children.  I pray one each day.  So if it the 30th of May, I pray #30.  That way each month, I cover all the virtues.  If it is a short month, I might pray two a day on some of them. Click on the title above to download the free printable.

* As a side note, I recommend buying the actual book.  I bought the e-reader of Praying Circles around your Children and I wish I had the physical book.  If the books are sitting out, they serve as a visual reminder to pray for your children daily.  Also, I flip back between the books and the virtues and I like them all in one place.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I love this post! I often pray for my children and for prayer requests but feel pulled to actually pull myself away from the demands of life and set aside time purposefully for prayer.

    If you coud, can you add my son to your prayers? He has overcome HUGE obtacles in the past several years and has faced some recent disappointments with his father. He is preparing to graduate from high school next week and is college bound. As exciting as this time is in his life... he will be adjusting to living independently for the first time in his life. He takes medications that he will need to adjust and remember to take with the new stresses that come with young adulthood. I pray that he continues to make good choices and build relationships with people who will positively influence him.

    And... can I selfishly ask for prayer for me. Just diagnosed with some medical issues that are challenging, am going through some difficult financial times and of course, would love to find that elusive prince to have some companionship in my life. Finding a Godly man is not easy and I am pretty picky about who I will allow in my childrens' lives too.

    Thanks, Kim! You are doing amazing things! I don't comment often but am always praying and cheering you on from Ky!!

    1. You got it Sarah. I will put these intentions in my prayer journal and pray for you. I am very sorry for all that you are going through. I know it has been difficult. All my best,

    2. And Sarah thank you so much for cheering me on...I need it:)

  2. What a meaningful and timely post for me. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughters (twins), I prayed the rosary every day for them. I never felt better or more at peace than when I prayed consistently for them and my entire family. I am setting a goal to get back to consistently praying for my children. I thank you for this post and the references you provide.

    1. SO glad to hear that Sunny! Sometimes, I wonder if these posts really touch anyone. It is good to know this one stirck a chord with you:) Have a nice weekend.



    2. Kim I wanted to share these two verses with you. I am so proud of what you're doing. You can never go wrong pointing our broken world to scripture and prayer. It won't return void. I love this post on praying for our children. the second verse I'm sending, Mark 8:34-, is quoted from The Message Bible version.I don't usually read that version but I liked the way it read best. I love this verse! Keep posting real encouragement and wisdom my friend you have a true gift and it's shining bright!
      Isaiah 55:11

      English Standard Version (ESV)

      11 so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
      it shall not return to me empty,
      but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
      and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

      Mark 8:34-37 Calling the crowd to join his disciples, he said, “Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am. Don’t run from suffering; embrace it. Follow me and I’ll show you how. Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to saving yourself, your true self. What good would it do to get everything you want and lose you, the real you? What could you ever trade your soul for?

  3. wonderful post Kim. I do pray for my kiddos but not as often as I should!

  4. I needed this! Thanks so much for this reminder. I try to peek in on each of my children every night and whisper a quick prayer over them as they sleep. But sometimes I just say "Thank You, God" and would love to have some prayers to say for times when the words just don't come to me, which is often. Sometimes I worry that God giggles at my silly, simple prayers (ha ha) but He knows my heart and that is what matters. You are reaching my heart with this blog, I love it.


  5. Thank you for sharing such an important and (for me) timely message. Went to bed so discouraged about something regarding "A", who is 10 and so we are entering some not-so-easy emotional times. Anyway, I know I'm not praying nearly enough for my girls - - thank you for this reminder - I was meant to read it this morning.

    And I'm loving The Nurtured Home - congratulations!!

  6. Hi Kim, thanks for this post. I am guilty of only praying when times are tough and surely not enough. I too raise raised Catholic and at times find it hard to "just pray" without a "prayer" to say. I plan to look into the books you mentioned. Thanks for the beautiful reminder and for writing such meaningful posts!!

  7. Thank you for this post! Love what you are doing here and really appreciate you sharing your expertise and experience (and heart!). Another great book-"Praying the Scriptures for your Children" by Jodie Berndt.

  8. I love that prayer calendar! The website "inspired to action" has created one based on this idea to pray for your husband, I use it too - it's great

  9. I love the calendar, I use it every day - the website "inspired to action" has created one for praying for your husband, based on the same idea - it's great - I love how they focus our prayers based on scripture


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