A few early summer faves

May 28, 2013

I live in Houston where summer lasts about 6 months of the year so I usually don't look forward to it.  However, this year, we have had a very mild spring and I am really excited for summer.  Since Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, I thought I'd share a few early summer favorites of mine.



One--this is a fabulous highlighter for cheeks, brow bone or lips.  And it costs $1 y'all! You read that right...ONE Dollar.  You can find it at Target sometimes.
Two--love this lightweight shrunken boyfriend shirt.  It is a flattering fit and looks so cute with shorts or a skirt.
Three--This is a beautiful champagne colored highlighter that looks awesome on your brow or cheekbone when you have a little tan.  Makes you look perfectly sun kissed!
Four--again the shrunken boyfriend shirt.  I got it in this gorgeous blue and had it monogrammed in white on the pocket.  It screams summer with white jeans or shorts. This blue one is one sale right now too.
Five--I love this product.  For about $5 a bottle, I get really beachy waves and no circa 1980's crunchy hair.  It smells really summery too.
Six--these are SO cute!  They come in red too.  I have them in the blue stripe and neon pink!


Here is a shot of the monogram on that turquoise shirt.
It was kind of dark so the coloring is off a little in this photo but it turned out really cute.


  1. Kim..I use that Elf highlighter and love it too!! I must try the Beach Babe spray....I just got my first keratin treatment, and now my naturally curly hair is much more manageable and maybe I can get the loose beachy waves I have always wanted :)

  2. LOVE the monogrammed shirt! Too cute! Can't wait to see in person:)

  3. LOVE the monogrammed shirt! Too cute! Can't wait to see in person:)

    1. Ha! You HAVE seen it in person and you complimented it Kris!!! I wore it about 2 weeks ago to school.

  4. love your picks! love anything monogrammed!!! xo nancy elizabeth

  5. Kim,
    I need some help for the summer and maybe this would be a great topic for your new blog, which I love by the way! I have a school age child and two year old twins. School is out and my oldest is dying to have friends over. I want my house to be "the hangout" where my kids and their friends feel comfortable, especially as they get older. But I feel like a hamster on a wheel every day cleaning up after my own children and when we have a friend over I feel like I am just cleaning up more and I get frustrated. How do I balance my house rules and maintain a neat and tidy home while making my house a fun place to be for my kids and their friends? I don't want to nag and get after them all the time and I feel like I do a lot of that.

    Also, I appreciate that every family is different, but we had a friend over today for a few hours. I took them to the playground and friend complained the WHOLE time about walking too far and being too hot and on and on... then wouldn't play because she thought she saw a bee on the playground. Friend also let me know she didn't like the snack I served. This is a great friend from a great family the and home; just different as far as activities, energy level, manners, etc. How have you handled friends at your home and your kids going to other homes? I don't feel like I should correct someone's child, but at the same time I will only tolerate so much.


    1. Amanda, I am working on a post just about this right now....look for it next week and thank you for the suggestion.



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